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Ball Screw Repair, Refurbishment & Reverse Engineering Services

Ron’s CNC’s commitment to its customers means that any companies with whom we partner must have the same commitment to excellence. When ball screw repairs, refurbishment or reverse engineering services are required, we use only Thread-Craft. Not only do you get excellence in terms of the services they provide, but because you are our customer, you get the best rates possible that we have negotiated on your behalf. Here is some information about Thread-Craft, Inc.:

Thread-Craft, Inc.

Our unparalleled technical capabilities and over 25 years’ experience manufacturing world-class ball screws makes Thread-Craft the right choice for all of your ball screw repair and refurbishment needs. Choosing Thread-Craft guarantees you the highest quality repair at a competitive price. As North America’s largest ball screw repair/replace facility, we have the expertise you are looking for. With our state-of-the-art Drake CNC Thread Grinders and NX Version 8 modeling software, we can perform even the most complex repair or engineer the perfect upgrade for your requirements. Thread-Craft provides on-site engineering services, and has over 11,000 ball screw assembly drawings on file, no other competitor is even close. Whether it’s an emergency repair or manufacturing a complex aerospace assembly, we are ready to service you, as we have since 1958.

We offer 5 levels of service, beginning with our standard reload all the way through reverse engineering and manufacturing a complete replacement, and of course the popular quick fix option. Our skilled technicians will disassemble, clean and inspect the incoming assembly. We will determine the cause of failure and provide this information along with our quotation. Any evidence of misalignment, excessive heat or overloading in your machine will be noted. Where most other competitors would prefer to simply sell you a new ballscrew, we have the skill level on 2 shifts and machine capabilities to perform even the most difficult and complex regrind repairs. We complete all work efficiently and with a fair price.

When time is of the essence, our emergency repair team will restore your damaged assembly to its best possible functional condition to get your production up and running quickly. We offer a replacement option for any ball screw that is irreparable. We don’t just repair ball screws either – our expertise extends to lead screws, roller screws, spindles, or other machine tool components.

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