eNET Data Collection

Let Us Help You To Improve Your Machine Efficiency

Production Reporting

Just as with Machine Downtime Tracking, having accurate Production Reporting is imperative in order to ensure you are running to capacity – with quality and efficiency. It’s the only way to maintain your profitability. With CNC ManuFactory, we specialize in data collection via the eNETDNC Data Collection System, which communicates with both CNC and manual machinery for manufacturers of all types. This system communicates directly with the machine and integrates with most client ERP systems providing data on jobs, part quantities, maintenance schedules and more.

The eNETDNC Data Collection System hardware is comprised of industrial grade components, with surge protection up to 20kV. The software is compatible with all brands of CNC machinery and standard network security, and all of our products are made in the U.S.A.

How Does It Work?

CNC ManuFactory will install the eNETDNC Data Collection System, which is compatible with all brands of CNC and manually-controlled machinery. This system network provides features such as real-time monitoring, automated notification and alerts with standard network security protocols.

Improved accuracy, operator accountability and increased production efficiency are just a few of the benefits that are achieved with this cost effective solution. eNETDNC provides a single network solution often eliminating multiple duplicate systems.

Compatible with any Windows operating systems, the system is completely customizable, incorporating, for example, optional bar code scanners and the addition of extra data inputs if required.

Is this right for your shop?

Give us a call and we can help you determine which option will best meet your needs and your budget. We can save you time and keep you from making a costly mistake.