eNETDNC CNC File Management

Innovative CNC Editing and DNC Communication Software

CNC ManuFactory will work with you to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your operation, taking into consideration the size of the shop, type of industry and security requirements. All eNETDNC products are OEE compliant.

It is important to understand that whenever eNETDNC’s software has an update or upgrade, you will receive this at no additional expense. When our software’s capability expands, you benefit!


Complete CNC Editing with DNC Communications

eNETDNC’s software includes a full-featured copy of the eNET CNC Editor. The eNETDNC LT version lets each DNC communicate with up to 10 CNCs units simultaneously. You can restart drip-feeding a program from any location within the program. With the interactive Back-Plotting you can run the part step by step forward and backwards, and can click on any intersection and be taken right to that line of G-Code within the program. eNETDNC LT also has many other editing features making it easier to update your G-Code.


  • Compatible with all versions of Windows
  • Programs can be easily printed, viewed or edited
  • Search and replace entire file or highlighted text
  • Interactive 2D and 3D Back Plotting
  • Math functions and mass modify features
  • Smart compare feature
  • Renumber and remove sequence numbers
  • G-code is displayed in easy-to-read colors for each value;
    colors and fonts can be reconfigured
  • CNC file can be compressed or expanded
  • Upload or Download G-code or Mazatrol programs
  • Works with any standard RS232 serial port
How does it work?

When a machine is down, the operator can be required to put in a code corresponding to a predetermined list of events. An alert can then be sent to specific distribution lists via e-mail or text message. For example, if the code for “out of material” is entered, a material handler can be alerted. If the code for “tool breakage” is entered, tool crib can be notified. Down codes and notification distribution can be customized according to each customer’s application. Real time monitoring also tracks how often a machine is operating during a shift, holding operators accountable for their production rates. By requiring operators to log in to the machine, management can more accurately track labor costs for a given part number or machine cycle

Software easily interfaces with existing networking systems and runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows. Front office personnel and floor management can access a dashboard that provides a snapshot of the shop floor including machine status and current cycle time. These dashboards provide a valuable tool for management to supervise machines and personnel through a central hub.

Is this right for your shop?

Give us a call and we can help you determine which option will best meet your needs and your budget. We can save you time and keep you from making a costly mistake.