In-house financing program

Our In-House Financing Program will allow you to fit ANY of our machines into your budget!

We offer standard terms from 24 – 60 months, and can even offer longer-extended terms for our extra-qualified customers!

For example, our S Series 4’ x 8’ Phantom CNC System can be easily fit into any budget at only about $400 – $425 per month (depending on credit), AND we can structure the payments to offer you the MAXIMUM tax advantage, which will save you an additional several thousand dollars each year. (We may even be able to structure a FULL write-off for the entire value of the machine this year, even if you make only a few monthly payments before the end of the year!)

Let us prepare a finance quote specifically for your purchase, or simply click on the link below to complete our quick & simple information form, and one of our reps will reach out to you right away to discuss a plan just for you.