Green Reaper

CNC Machine


Light Duty MTC 4×8 table

  • Full 4×8 cutting area
  • HDPE vacuum table bed outfitted with the All Star CNC Products Grid and Tile Gasket
  • Leadshine Easy Servo Nema 34 stepper motors and Drives
  • 5:1 planetary gearbox’s on X and Y axis
  • 20mm Ballscrew on Z axis
  • Hiteco 6.5KW ( 9 HP) Spindle with matched VFD (ER 32 Collet system) 18K RPM
  • Masso 14” Touch Screen Control system
  • 25mm Hiwin linear rails and guides
  • Gear rack on X and Y axis
  • 1000 ipm Rapid
  • 650 ipm Feedrate
  • Dust hood with quick removal for tool changes
  • Quick touch off tool post for tool length measurement
  • 4×4 welded tube base framework
  • Machine voltage is 220 single phase 40 amps
  • Material stoppers
  • 5.5” gantry clearance

Options for Light Duty

  • Air oil mixing unit for cutting aluminums (air valve and mixing unit with canister)
  • ATC spindle with 8 tool linear changer
  • 5×10 and 6×12 table sizes. Larger can be built with custom pricing
  • 3 phase 10kw Vacuum pump with all necessary piping and breaker
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