Ron’s eNETDNC Testimonials

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“I can tell you since we installed the eNETDNC system, all our downloading issues went away. Talk about maintenance-free and simple to configure – this system runs 24/7 and keeps production running! Very pleased with the decision to implement eNETDNC to our manufacturing process.”

Gary Sholten
Operations Engineering, Kohler Corporation

“In 2013, our company decided to add DNC and machine monitoring to our machine shop for tracking spindle up time. After meeting with several vendors to decide on which hardware/software we would invest in, we decided upon eNETDNC. After installing, we gained 10% spindle turning time improvement. If there was ever a question that I needed to ask about how to do something, or a problem I was experiencing, eNETDNC was able to either come in and show me how to do something or talk me through the steps to fix my problem. As a side note about support, I had an issue with one of my Fanuc controllers (not monitoring or DNC related) and eNETDNC was able to walk me through the problem over the phone, fixing the problem.

I am completely satisfied with the product and the support that my company has received. I would recommend this company to anyone, as I plan to expand this product across more of my companies.”

Dino Tomasetti
MFG Engineer, ATI Ladish

“We have been using eNETDNC for about 8 years now. Besides being a flexible, solid and reliable solution, we really appreciate the ‘no charge software updates’that incorporate new features and technology as they become available.”

Peter Zinda
Analyst Manufacturing & Systems, Snap-On

“We purchased eNETDNC’s DNC system in 2010 and we found them to be extremely customer-focused and provide excellent support to our processes; they tailored the software to meet our needs, as well. This resulted in us taking a look at their Machine Monitoring at the IMTS show in late 2012; we decided to make the investment and installed their Machine Monitoring. The software was able to be tailored to our ERP system; we pull the data and are able to put the data in real-time into our Reporting Software.”

Rob Gottschalk
Owner, GEM Manufacturing, Inc.

“eNETDNC has been with us from the start. We have been through a lot of changes and growth over the years, and the eNETDNC software and hardware for our DNC system has always worked flawlessly and fit our changing needs. We still have the same software we purchased for a couple of machines, and now we run about 50 CNC machines.”

Marc Manteufel
A to Z Machine Company, Inc

“eNETDNC is the perfect solution to handle our DNC needs. It is trouble-free and error-free. eNETDNC is capable of connecting to all of our various machine controls, and their technical support is unmatched.”

Robert Kieso
Manufacturing Engineer, Walter USA, LLC
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